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Send and receive large files safely. Let the latest security measures speed up your collaboration.

Unlike free file transfer services, GigaCC ASP comes with the latest security technology, allowing users to transfer or share large files quickly and safely without USBs or CD/DVD-R discs.

All the security you need is included for safe
file transmission and sharing.

There is always a risk of information leaks when using USBs or other recording media for images, sound recordings, presentations, and so on. There are also more and more companies that are prohibiting use of free file transfer services for personal use from an information management perspective.
GigaCC ASP includes all of the security features necessary for transmission or sharing large or sensitive files that can't be sent or received over normal email between companies. These features prevent unauthorized access or eavesdropping, from input to output. Nearly all operations also leave an access log history, ensuring reliable traceability.
Using GigaCC ASP means no more headaches from worrying about losing or leaking information through USBs or free file transfer services. With our robust security measures you can transfer and share files safely and smartly.

File Transmission

  • You can set recipient information, subject, text, file, download period, and number of downloads on the send screen for easy file transfer.
  • You can receive files from others with the transfer features.
  • With the Authentication Password Required setting (*1), the person sending the file will be required to enter an authentication password.
  • With the Management Approval feature (*1), it's easy to send notification emails with management approval.
  • With the Automatic ZIP Password Encryption feature (*1), it's easy to send a ZIP file with a password.
  • With the Recipient Control feature (*1), users can restrict transfer of files to free email address, addresses the administrator restricts, or even to domains.
  • With the Mass Email feature (*1), users can automatically send emails to multiple recipients at once.
  • Includes other security options (*1) for changing various settings.

File Sharing

  • Displays and allows access only to permitted directory information.
  • Flexible authorization settings for individual directories and accounts (reference, read, write, delete).
  • Users can record comments and meta-information for files and folders, and set access periods or password authorization.
  • The check-in/check-out feature allows automatic users to exclusively control batches of files.
  • Supports WebDAV, allows automatic login and collection via scripts.
  • Includes other features, such as batch login, guest user information collection, email notification, and management approval (*1).

Main Security Features

  • Virus detection features to eliminate potential threats in your files.
  • ID/password verification to control file access.
  • Restricted access sources and restricted global IP addresses (for individual accounts) to prevent spoofing.
  • SSL encrypted transmission to prevent eavesdropping during uploading and downloading.
  • Server encryption means that should an unauthorized user somehow get access to a file, they will not be able to open it.
  • Includes an archive and log history management feature that allows traceability of who accessed what file, and what they transferred.
  • Also includes a usage limit setting (individual accounts), a usage authorization setting (individual accounts), an automatic lock with unauthorized access and access restrictions to shared areas (individual accounts), password rule/compulsory password change settings, and other features.

*1 Archive and other features are option features.

Includes a management approval feature for double checking
and recipient controls to prevent unwanted recipients from receiving files.

Security needs to be strengthened over the entire business process and work flow to prevent accidental information leaks. GigaCC ASP includes a management approval feature where a manager or administrator must approve when sending a file, and a feature that restricts recipients. This enables double checking based on organizational rules and policies, as well as designation of email recipients through whitelists and blacklists for total security management.

Includes a variety of other functions for both convenience and reliability.
Allows use even from smartphones and tablets.

GigaCC ASP also includes a variety of other features with senders, recipients, and administrators in mind. GigaCC ASP ? the solution for corporations, combining advanced security with features so easy to use no instruction manual is needed.
We offer both a cloud service plan and a system integration plan to match your needs, regardless of your size. After a small scale start with the ASP in divisions or projects, users can switch to ASP Premium and expand use throughout the entire company.
GigaCC ASP can also be used from smart phones and tablets. Click here for more details.

Main function

File Transfer

GigaCC ASP with the file sharing and the forwarding function most suitable for dealing between the enterprise. Proper setting setting is possible by the folder/account unit.

GigaCC ASP with file transfer functions most suitable for E2E (Enterprise to enterprise) communication.

File Transfer
File sharing

GigaCC ASP with the file sharing and the forwarding function most suitable for dealing between the enterprise. Proper setting is possible by the folder/account unit.

GigaCC ASP with file share function most suitable for E2E (Enterprise to enterprise) or inter country file share.

GigaCC ASP with file share function most suitable for E2E (Enterprise to enterprise) or inter country file share.

Business efficiency is highly achieved by utilizing an advanced file sharing and a transmission tool between enterprises.

Shared Note

The GigaCC ASP sharing notebook function by which internal SNS accelerates filing in the enterprise, information sharing and communication.

The GigaCC ASP Shared Note function is internd enterprise SNS-like communication tool.

File Share and Shared Note of GigaCC can be operated by IOS mobile devices.

The mobile function by which a file sharing by a smartphone or a tablet and sharing are online storage GigaCC ASP.

File Share and Shared Note of GigaCC can be operated by iOS mobile devices.

File Transfer
Security management

GigaCC ASP online storage and file transfer is equipped with powerful security system in both file storage and transmission.

Security management

popular function

popular function
iOS manual writing & drawing function
System integration
System integration
System integration
Simultaneous assortment
Network Sepration
Network Sepration