File transfer and file-sharing service GigaCC.

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We can provide the optimal plan to suit your operational scale.

GigaCC ASP offers two plans depending on the amount of users and capacity/features required.
And because it is a cloud service, you can start with the smallest plan and flexibly expand it to meet your needs for more users, capacity, and features.

Lineup Image
Configuration      Shared service plan Shared service plan
Target Use with individual projects or by individual
Use with hundreds of users / 100GB disk use
File sharing Yes Yes
File transmission Yes Yes
WebDAV connection Yes Yes
Email notification Yes Yes
Virus check Yes Yes
Server encryption Yes Yes
IP address restrictions Yes Yes
Log history
Yes Yes
Languages Japanese/English/Chinese Japanese/English/Chinese
Phone support Yes Yes
Administrator levels Bi-level Bi-level
Security customization
Optional Yes

No. of accounts   10 IDs 300 IDs
Disk capacity 1GB 100GB
Pricing Initial costs: JPY 50,000
Monthly fee: JPY 12,000/GB
Additional 50 accounts: JPY 10,000/MO.
  • * Can increase number of user accounts and disk capacity.
  • * Click hereClick here to ask about costs for options.
Open Price
  • * Can increase number of user accounts and disk capacity.
  • * Click here to ask about costs for details.
From application until use (roughly) Can start using after 2 business days Can start using after 2 business days
Upgrades Yes
  • * Can upgrade to ASP Premium

Recommended operating environment
Internet access      Broadband internet access
Cilent PC/MAC [Windows 7/8.1/10]
Internet Explorer, *Microsoft Edge, *Mozilla Firefox, *Google Chrome

[Mac OSX 10.7/8/9/10/11/12/13]
Safari, *Mozilla Firefox, *Google Chrome

* The service supports the latest version of each browser indicated above.
* It may limit the features of the service with some combination between OS and Browser ver.