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Do I need special software to use GigaCC ASP?

No. All you need is internet access and a web browser.

How long does it take after applying to use GigaCC ASP?

It takes two business days after applying to use GigaCC ASP. We offer flexibility for emergencies. Please contact us for details.

Can I add accounts or usage capacity?

Yes. Accounts can be added in units of 50 Ids, and usage capacity in units of 1GB.

I want to use it in my overseas bases. Does GigaCC ASP support English?

GigaCC ASP supports both English and Japanese on the user screen as well as the administrator screen and in notification emails.

Is there a file transfer feature that allows me to limit recipients of sent files, download period, and number of downloads?

Yes. (Optional feature with GigaCC ASP, standard feature with GigaCC ASP Premium)

Can I use GigaCC ASP with smart phones and tablets?

Yes, depending on the OS and installed app. We have confirmed that sent files can be received, and shared files can be viewed, uploaded, and downloaded by combining GigaCC ASP with the GoodReader viewer (not free) for iOS*. You can just view shared files by combining iOS and the Over the Air (free) WebDAV app*.
Please contact us regarding Android and other operating systems.
* As of October 2011.

Can I create a means to automatically upload and download between systems?

The file sharing feature supports WebDAV, enabling automatic uploading/downloading by embedding scripts on the customer's end.

I need to collect and save detailed log histories as a part of our auditing measures. Does GigaCC ASP support this?

GigaCC ASP provides a log history search and archive feature* for auditing and traceability purposes.
* The archive feature is an optional feature.

If a GigaCC ASP users upgrades to GigaCC ASP Premium, can they port over their information and registered files?
I want to use a different security policy for each organization and project. Is this possible?

Yes. GigaCC ASP can support this if a contract is signed for each organization and project.


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