Operability to speed up collaboration and thorough security management to protect your company's information.

GigaCC ASP is so easy, anyone can use it, and includes all of the management features necessary for continued use to run your company based on corporate policies.

Simple, safe, easy to understand. Includes features anyone can use.

GigaCC ASP was developed to allow anyone to safely and smoothly transfer and share large files with anyone else. There is no need to install special software ? anyone with an internet browser can operate it intuitively without an instruction manual. For example, say you are sending a download URL to someone using the file transfer feature. GigaCC ASP automatically generates the URL, which can then be sent smoothly by following on-screen instructions. You can also limit access to the download screen by setting an authorization password. The administrator can also set the download period and number of downloads. GigaCC ASP can match your individual policies. You can maintain security with operability and manageability for continued use. Administrator/user screens and email notifications can be in English or Japanese as well for global operations.

Screen shot: easy to operate for any users

  • File Transmission
  • File Sharing
  • File Transmission(Japanese)

File Transmission Flow

Account management and authority setting is easy.
Supports individual divisions or the entire company.

With GigaCC ASP, only permitted directories based on authorized accounts will be displayed. Individual divisions (Sales, Finance, etc.), or individual projects can be bundled together as groups and easily administered. And with CSV batch setting it is easy to register or change large numbers of accounts.

  • Traceability

Features to Reduce Your Workload

  • There are multiple hierarchies to the administrator level - authorization can be commissioned to an on-site administrator. (two level hierarchy)
  • The administrator site includes account administration, access management, log hisotry search, and other features. You can use CSV batch registration for registering and changing large numbers of accounts.
  • With Account Administration, administrators can set usage features/period, global IP address restrictions, and other items for each account. You can also bundle multiple accounts together as a group.
  • With Access Management, administrators can flexibly set limits (reference, read/write, delete) for individual accounts and directories.
  • With the Log History Search feature, administrators can get search results for a specified period, account name, file name, or so on. The histories of virtually all individual transactions, including on the administrator site, can be administered.
  • With the Archive feature (*1), administrators can save all content recorded by the server for transferred or shared files by field. Combined with the Log History Search feature, this enables auditing and traceability.

*1 Archive and other features are option features.

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